Find Over 50 Life Insurance

Today, people are living for longer than they ever have before, which means that life insurance policies are becoming heaper to purchase for the older generation

Over 50 life insurance is a great choice if you are aged 50 or over and you want to ensure that your family’s future is secured in the event of your death.

But with so many different companies out there, it can be hard to know which is the best over 50s life insurance for you.

Follow our guide to learn all about over 50s life insurance and discover how to find the best insurance deals available.

About over 50 life insurance

Many over 50s life insurance will guarantee that they will insure you no matter what your health status and some will require no medical and will not ask your medical history. It is generally cheaper to get an over 50 plan rather than a whole life plan when you are younger. It’s also possible to set up a funeral plan that is designed to cover the costs of your funeral after you die.

Qualifying periods

As most insurers will accept a client without any medical check, a qualifying period is put into place so that if you die before this period has expired, your beneficiaries will only be able to claim back the money you have paid into your premiums and not the full amount you are insured for. Most insurers set the qualifying period between one year and twenty four months.

Finding over 50 life insurance

Because you don’t need to confirm your medical history or provide certification to get over 50 cover, the whole process can take just a few hours to complete and the majority of insurers will accept your application on the day it’s sent so you’re covered immediately.

When looking for any form of insurance it’s always prurient to shop around to find the best deal available and the easiest way to do that is by using price comparison websites. There are lots of sites available where you can compare prices for over 50’s life insurance and find cheap deals that suit your needs.

To make sure the results you get are as accurate as possible always enter any requested information as accurately as you can or you may come up with results that aren’t suitable for you.

Once you’ve chosen the insurer for you in most cases you’ll be able to buy your policy over the internet. This is a quick and simple process and in some cases you’ll even receive further discount from the company you choose if you buy online.

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